Guangzhou car drivers suspected fishing enforcement hundreds of drivers collective protest

Guangzhou City, a traffic law enforcement officers to investigate the incident with the driver of the car
Following the Uber Guangzhou Branch of the relevant departments of Guangzhou City, the joint inspection, the evening of June 10 Guangzhou City, was confiscated fishing law enforcement, against cars, causing the car driver dissatisfaction. June 10 afternoon, Guangzhou City, traffic law enforcement officers involved in the investigation of the incident with the driver, was exposed to fishing law enforcement, causing the car driver dissatisfaction. In Guangzhou Avenue, a large number of cars came to block the law enforcement vehicles and fishing law enforcement officers not to leave, while a large number of people onlookers, once led to traffic paralysis at the scene. The government dispatched special police to maintain order. The last involved in the vehicle was not detained, to leave their own, other support vehicles also later dispersed. It is understood that dressed in casual wear law enforcement officers with a drop of taxi software called a black Dongfeng Nissan car, the destination is Shui Yin Road. When the vehicle travels to the shade, the law enforcement officer asks to get off and produce the documents at the same time, claiming that the driver is suspected of operating illegally and detaining the vehicle. In the vicinity of some of the car drivers learned of the matter, suspected that the assault car for the "fishing law enforcement", then rushed to the scene of solidarity, and law enforcement officers in the car. As the Shuiyuan Road only two-way single lane, the crowd more and more together, the support of the drivers had to move to the direction of the nearby Guangzhou Avenue, and in the Guangzhou Avenue South Newspaper Group stop to continue negotiations. To about 2:30 pm the same day, the crowd continued to gather, the scene of the video shows that the Guangzhou Avenue traffic was once in a state of paralysis, onlookers shouting "car", "dropping", asked law enforcement officers for the car release. As the crowd gathered, a large number of police officers to the scene to maintain order, during which restraint, not with the crowd in conflict. Around 3:16 pm, the scene police propaganda through the car loudspeakers, onlookers immediately leave the scene, otherwise it will be "suspected of disrupting public order" to deal with. Finally, in the car drivers and passers-by's solidarity, the law enforcement car driver drove off the scene. It is understood that Guangzhou City for the investigation of the car has been a long time, the evening of April 30, Guangzhou City, industry and commerce, transportation, public security departments joint action, Uber Guangzhou Branch of the joint law enforcement inspection, a number of mobile terminals and other related business tools Temporary deduction processing, and some illegal business conduct investigation. Text / He Guangwei

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