Beijing, a woman and the BMW driver after the dispute was killed (Figure)

After the woman and the BMW driver dispute
The scene of the incident. Image from microblogging scene. Today (June 5) around 9 am, Beijing Xicheng District, leading a well in the alley, a woman was racing down to death by the BMW car (Reporter Lu Qian Guo Wang Dapeng) Beijing police informed that after the woman and the BMW driver dispute, the current driver has been controlled. According to the residents of the leading alley, this morning, a 30-year-old woman and a middle-aged man in a dispute, a few minutes after the two sides did not reach a settlement, the man driving the BMW car from north to south, the woman pulled the door was Hanging down, lying on the ground. "The woman's call is very miserable, not the voices." In the leading alley and Xinghua alley near the junction of the incident, near the resident Mr. Zhou said he was not sure whether the woman was rolling, but look To the woman face down on the ground, the face of blood, call shrill, there are people onlookers called pregnant pregnant. Witnesses said the BMW car will be dragged down after the woman did not stop, continue to drive tens of meters before stopping, driving the man back to the scene. After the incident the public alarm, then the police and ambulance rushed to the scene. Near the residents of Mr. Liu said the ambulance arrived when the woman was dead, did not see the presence of family members, the police after the end of the body was pulled away. "The man named Zhang, is Henan, in the vicinity of a painting and calligraphy shop, the word written well." Some people said that men earn money by painting and calligraphy business, bought a BMW car two months ago. Death of women because of their emotional entanglements and economic disputes, the two sides quarrel, then the woman pulled the door when pulled down. "I am around 10:30 or so through the leading alley, the woman was covered with blue and black cloth, has died." Mr. Zhang told reporters that the public, no blood around the woman, the vehicle stopped at the police, not controlled by the police. Tonight, the Beijing police informed the matter, the morning of June 5, Xicheng District Gong Wangfu west of the leading alley near the alley, a woman was rolling over the vehicle. After the police, the city public security bureau, territorial branch and other relevant departments immediately rushed to the scene to work. Police investigation that the driver Zhang for the male, 57 years old, Henan Province, the city of people. And the woman Lee due to a personal dispute dispute, after Zhang drove away when Lee block the vehicle, the vehicle fell to the ground. At present, the driver has been controlled, Lee due to injury is too heavy, confirmed by the medical staff has died, the police are working further. Editor: Dai Yuxi Li Feng

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